Since our humble beginnings in 1970, our housing companies have earned and enjoyed the finest reputation among consumers, builders, retailers, code officials, financial officers & organizations, and others with expertise within the housing industry. Such character has—and could only have—been fostered and cultivated on a foundation of integrity and experience. Today, those same principles guide our housing companies as we strive to carry on the heritage that we’ve worked so hard to build. With over 40 years of industry experience, you can count on Pine Grove Homes and Pleasant Valley Homes—today, tomorrow, and for decades to come.

Senior Management

Wayne A. Fanelli, President & CEO

With over 40 years of experience in the housing industry, Wayne Fanelli leads one of the most successful factory-built housing companies in the United States . Wayne began his career in the industry working at and eventually managing retail sales locations. He co-founded Pine Grove and currently leads Pleasant Valley Homes. Founded in 1982, Pine Grove became largest privately-held and independent builder of HUD-Code homes in the northeast, USA . In fact, a sizable interest and demand for the style and elegance synonymous with Pine Grove Homes led to the beginning of a new chapter in our history: the creation of Pleasant Valley Modular Homes, Inc.

After more than two years of meticulous planning, development, and hard work, his vision of building homes unparalleled in design, quality, and style finally became a reality. In only a few short years (with over 1,000 homes built), Pleasant Valley has been widely-recognized as one of the most exciting and successful modular housing companies in the nation. If you see him around, be sure and let him know what you think. Just don’t make him late for lunch.

Lee Fanelli, Vice President

Lee Fanelli also brings with him over 40 years of industry experience, put to use everyday in our state-of-the-art production facilities. Lee’s beginnings also date back to the early 1970’s where he lead field-installation crews that specialized in the erection of factory-built housing. Over the past three decades, he has overseen the field erection of some three thousand homes throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and New York. He brings that valuable knowledge and experience into our production facility, ensuring that all homes constructed are built to withstand the rigors of transportation and erection, and to meet & exceed the expectations of our home-buyers. It’s a big job, but we’re pretty sure he can handle it.

Joseph T. Gallagher, Chief Financial Officer

Joe’s career with Pine Grove began in 1982 when the company was founded. For over three decades, he has managed not only the group’s finances, but also matters regarding human resources, material inventories, information technologies, and the strategic management of both companies. Joe’s hard work and dedication have been instrumental to the success and longevity of our housing companies. We love you, Joe.

Earl Teter, Director of Manufacturing

Earl Teter began his career in the production department at Pine Grove Homes in 1984 where he was soon promoted to foreman of the final finish department. In 1997, Earl spear-headed a $7 million investment, designing many of the new production processes involved in the expansion of the cabinet shop, the installation of state-of-the-art cranes and roof jigs, and the construction and development of Pine Grove’s drywall finishing facility. Naturally, Earl then was charged with determining the most efficient and high-quality method of finishing drywall and he became foreman of the drywall-finishing facility. As production manager, he was put in charge of figuring out how to build Pine Grove’s unique kitchen and bath designs...

When the idea of starting a new sister company to Pine Grove was floated, Earl began scribbling on a napkin ideas for a state-of-the-art production facility, capable of building literally anything. After years of hard work, the napkin drawings evolved into engineered prints, then cement footers and 100,000 tons of steel, and eventually the most admired modular manufacturing facility in the nation. Earl doesn’t like to brag, though.

Jason Schach, Director of Engineering

The story goes like this: a 22-year old young man went to the boss (noted above) with a punch-list of things he wanted to be changed and items that he wanted addressed at Pine Grove. According to the fable, the boss-man said, “So go do it.” Long story short, Jason did.

He was soon charged with overseeing quality assurance at Pine Grove Homes and, later, promoted to Director of Engineering. When word spread about a new modular product, Jason got to work on the excruciating process of acquiring individual state approvals to build modular homes. He and his team of highly-qualified engineers and draftsmen literally created a systems-built package from floor to ceiling, personally designing and testing everything from Pleasant Valley ’s industry-leading transport carriers to our unrivaled roof systems. Today, Jason leads the engineering teams for both the manufactured and modular product and is charged with keeping Pine Grove and Pleasant Valley on the cutting edge of construction technology. The moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for.

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